is critical to the success of YOUR EVENT

Audio Production is a crucial link between your guests, and the success of your event.


Sounds Easy can deliver professional results across a wide variety of audio applications.

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Conveniently based in Central on Hong Kong Island, we can assist with a wide range of Professional Audio & DJ equipment requirements.

Since 2012, we have provided audio for DJ events, weddings, corporate events, product launches, private parties, boat trips and special occasions. Our vast experience ensures we have the right equipment and hands-on knowledge to help you plan your next event.


With 25 years experience in the professional audio industry, and with a strong connection with the DJ industry, we have what it takes to make your event a success.


Our Philosophyos


A good quality sound system complements the success of an event, without becoming the centre of attention.

A poor quality sound system can become the talking point of an event, and distract your guests.


​Background music systems and professional speaker systems deliver different results, regardless of volume.


Audio clarity and system headroom is equally as important as volume.



Audio production is a critical part of your wedding, with important moods and announcements created by music and speech throughout the event. Having worked at many of Hong Kong's top wedding venues, we know what's required to deliver an event to remember. Planning your wedding? Please contact us for further information.                        

Professional DJs

Professional DJ's expect a high level of quality when they need equipment provided. We have multiple sets of industry-standard Pioneer CDJ/ DJM systems, that are always on the riders of the world's top DJs. Our powered speaker systems are used night after night by DJ's who expect high volume, clarity and a great bass response. For local DJ's, pick up and return options are available.                           


Hong Kong's long summer delivers many weekends on the boats and beaches of the SAR. We have a wide range of speakers available for boat and beach parties. From battery powered Bluetooth, to boat-shaking sound systems, we have it covered. Just want to plug your phone in but rock the boat? Need some portable speakers for your DJ controller? Easy. Flexible pick-up and returns available.